Feminist Approach to Bioethics


A distinction may be made between feminist approaches to Bioethics and feminist approaches to bioethical subject areas. The former is represented by writers such as Anne Donchin and more generally those affiliated to FAB - The International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, whilst the later has a longer history and now calesces under the interdisciplinary space of Feminist Science Studies. Sometimes Technology studies is differentiated from FSS. Feminist Science Studies Scholars. In practice there is quite a wide gulf between FAB and FSS approaches. Although it would be a precarious generalisation one could argue that there is a tendency for FAB scholars to have emerged from philosophy and to have concentrated, for example, on challenging mainstream bioethics such as principalism, whilst FSS scholars are more likely to have emerged from either cultural studies and sociological studies of science and technology.

As far as I'm aware a process to begin a conversation between these approaches has not begun, but it would seem to be a worthwhile endeavour in order to compare and contrast the similarities and divergences between these two areas.

Onging questions here include the gendered nature of science, technology, and also bioethical concepts and principles.

In what ways are women and/or feminist perspectives excluded from science, science studies and bioethics?

What are the differential consequences for men and women from technological innovations and bioethical policy decisions?

What are the consequences for women in new reproductive technologies?

How might embryonic stem cell research impinge upon women?